About Us

Pets not only give us love and companionship, they also give us a great sense of stability. When we come home or wake up, a familiar face greets us; when there is a change in our work or life, our pet is what makes us feel settled inside. You can be sure that your pet will always love you and that it will always be a loyal family member, friend, and companion.


 It is worthwhile to make every effort to give it all your love, to provide it with refined feeding and care, and to give it the best food and care to keep it healthy and active.

 Minpetpet is a new one-stop online pet supply store. With the original intention of loving pets like family, Minpetpet provides the most comprehensive product supply system for pet-owning families. Here you can buy high quality safe and reliable pet supplies to meet all the needs of your pet.

Minpetpet considers product quality as the life of the company, implements comprehensive quality management within the company, regularly evaluates and optimizes the quality of supplies, and has established perfect health management and quality assurance system. The goods sold on this site are purchased from the source brand manufacturers, at the same time, we promise that the quality of all goods on sale meet the national or industry quality testing standards of their origin.

Minpetpet has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with 15 large professional pet supply manufacturers. The super-comprehensive sourcing system, the huge supply-demand, and the trust relationship established by long-term stable cooperation help us to get lower purchasing prices. So Minpetpet's customers can enjoy preferential prices here that are more than 10% lower than their peers.

At the same time, we have established a professional and dedicated English customer service team to serve you 24 hours a day to help you solve pre-sales and post-sales problems and provide you with professional advice and suggestions.

We are fully committed to making you and your pet happy. To give your pet a better quality of life, come to Minpetpet!