After-sale Description

 1. Cancellation of unshipped orders

If you need to cancel the order for unshipped orders, please contact customer service for consultation. In principle, the orders that have been purchased by us, do not support cancellation. For orders that do not need to purchase, before the actual unshipped, you can apply to customer service to cancel the order. The processing fee arising from the refund transfer after the cancellation of the order will be borne by you. The order cancellation and refund are due to the responsibility of our site, then the refund transfer handling fee is borne by our site.


2. Return process


1) Contact customer service to request a return

As the goods on this site are produced in strict accordance with the country of origin or industry quality testing standards, according to the relevant national customs requirements declared sent, customs clearance, and delivery, non-goods quality problems (product packaging scratches are non-quality issues), we do not accept no reason returning or exchanging.

After the package is signed, please check the contents of the package in front of the courier, such as milk powder was backed up leakage, liquid leakage, etc., you need to take a complete photo of the box, courier photos, photos of the products in the box, and the first time to provide the courier bill number or order number to customer service. If you do not contact customer service more than 7 days after signing the receipt, you will not be able to deal with the relevant after-sales service.


2) Wait for customer service confirmation

After receiving your return application, customer service will confirm and review it.


3) Warehouse sign-off, verify the refund

After we receive your returned parcel and confirm that the goods are complete and the quantity is correct, we will refund the actual amount paid for the order to your payment account, such as the use of coupons to offset the number of goods, coupons will not be refunded, please note that the refund does not include the international logistics shipping costs you paid at the time, if you are involved in free shipping activities, we will deduct the actual shipping costs payable according to the weight of your order. 

You can inform us of the courier bill number after sending so that we can track your parcel for your refund. After the package is received at our after-sales warehouse and checked for errors, the refund will be processed for you within 7 business days of signing for the refund to be returned the original way. If you want to replace other goods, you need to re-select to purchase new goods, you can resubmit the order.


3. Returns are not supported in the following cases

a. Any merchandise that is not sold on this website.

b. Merchandise that has been used or damaged/the label/original protective film has been removed/changed product size.

c. More than the acceptance time limit (7 days after signing for the goods without contacting customer service will not be able to apply for after-sales).

d. minor damage to the goods due to irresistible factors in the transportation process, but does not affect normal use.

e. any non-normal use and storage by the customer, resulting in quality problems with the goods.

f. Goods in gift packs or sets are not partially returnable.

g. Expiration date, special promotional items are not returnable.

h. Other products that are not supported for return according to the law or the rules and regulations of this website and the product details page will not be returned.

J. Do not like, do not want, can not be used, and other personal reasons.


4. After-sales repair

All goods in the mall are from the cross-border goods, you sign the receipt of the use of the process, such as non-human causes caused by the inability to use or affect the normal use of the situation.

a. Electrical and electronic products within 6 months after receipt.

b. necklaces within 3 months of receipt.

c. Pet strollers, etc. within 1 month of receipt.


For the above types of goods in the corresponding warranty period, you can contact the relevant repair points, such as the brand's office or other formal repair points for repair, after repair with a formal invoice contact our customer service, our customer service will reimburse you for this part of the cost, but please note that the repair costs can not exceed 25% of the price of the goods, such as the excess part of your own responsibility.

If other than the above types of goods in the use of the process after the receipt of problems, we do not provide reimbursement services, please forgive us.